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The Ruthenberg-Marshall Law Firm advocates for clients in all types of family law cases. We focus on reducing conflict and resolving cases to help our clients move forward to the next stage of their lives. We understand your case and personal goals are unique, and tailor our approach to each case to best fit your needs. In short, we care.

Our firm recognizes that after your case is over, you will still be navigating your new life and family structure. We aim to make litigation a catalyst for positive change rather than a negative experience so that you can focus on your future. As a part of our customized litigation approach, we engage you throughout the entire process and prioritize your goals and values when assessing your legal options. We will help you feel comfortable in litigation with us as your advocate.

The Ruthenberg-Marshall Law Firm is conscious that keeping legal costs down is a top priority for most clients. No one plans for the expense of family law litigation. We work with you on litigation costs in ways that most firms will not. Our flat fees and payment plans help you maximize your results, while being conscious about cash flow.

The Ruthenberg-Marshall Law Firm takes pride in representing clients from all types of families, and stands by our motto, “Family Law for the Modern Family.” We are an LGBTQAI welcoming practice and also embrace clients from all family structures. We take a compassionate, client-centered approach to law. If you are looking for a firm who prioritizes your goals, serves your needs, and works to make a positive change in your life, we are happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss the specifics of your case and how the firm can help you.

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